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Looks easy but hold on. In today’s world, working the outreach strategy right requires experienced professionals. Here’s why. 1. They help you achieve PR success; 2. They help you avoid the traps; and 3. They bring value to your cause
(instead of wasted dollars, time and opportunities).
Our team is steeped in successes with national publicity tours, local publicity, generating the right tools for today, strategy, messaging, video output, measurement, media training clients, media contacts nationally. Built with all the analytics? Of course. And Clients LOVE that.


Post. Engage. Influence. Measure. It has to do with strategy, messaging, channels and expertise to accomplish each campaign’s objective. Our Social Media team’s YouTube posts alone for Clients have seen over 1 million (with an M) views. That’s success. That’s experience. And that’s just one platform. But your needs––and opportunities––may take you to different platforms, each with its own voice, message and strategy to accomplish the overall objective––and unify with complementary strategies.
(This stuff gets exciting in a hurry!)
Let’s talk and help you so no money/time is wasted.


When bad hits the fan and the media are clamoring for answers, the time to prepare is long over. For 35 years, Tim Brown has generated damage control strategies and messages that have led Clients through the maze when they saw their worst days.
He will tell you, “The key is to get in and get out of the news in one day, so let’s do this right.”
Because of that, front-end training helps Clients take pre-emptive action. In the heat of the battle, though, you'll want a seasoned team of veterans who can astutely guide your executives to calm waters.


For over 70 years collectively, Candid Communications’ team has generated impressive marketing strategies that have guided a myriad of clients and campaigns––from Microsoft to Intermountain Healthcare. Whether that involves marketing strategy, sales, fundraising, digital marketing, traditional advertising, creative output or artistic expressions, this team has packed portfolios full of successes. Next step?
A Discovery Session with you and your team.
It’ll be robust.


Media Training. Presentation Training. Speech Training. Creative Idea Generation. All key elements for executives today to present and persuade customers and audiences to their agenda. That's what we do for our Clients: train them to handle any situation, from talking to reporters with intrusive microphones to speaking to tens of thousands in arenas.
We've done this with hundreds of Clients at all levels, because, after all, if you're going to stand to deliver, why not do it effectively, confidently and in a way that will make them listen. You deserve that.
We can take you there.


We concept, script and direct educational, training and promotional videos for clients nationally and internationally. With decades of video directing under our belt, we can deliver to your highest standards.
And here's why Clients say they're fabulous: They're on-target, crisp, effective, stand-out, remarkably creative, on-time and under the budget of other production groups. How?
That's our Secret Sauce.
And we'd love to stir it up for you.


Behind the Scenes

Tim Brown, Candid Communications CEO, began his career in Los Angeles and has navigated his clients coast to coast in generating publicity, launching campaign, building sales and keeping clients out of crises. In his 35 years as a lead PR consultant, Tim has landed clients on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Early Show, The Wall Street Journal front page and on and on. That's his passion––getting clients' messages to their key audiences. At Candid, he leads a team skilled in PR, Social Media and Marketing.

Over three decades, he has represented clients in the following industries: airlines, banking, computer software, agriculture, higher education, engineering, environment, executive training, health, insurance, financial services, food, government, high tech, legal, courts, medical, nutritionals, oil & gas, private executives, professional sports, publishing, real estate, recreation, restaurants, retail, telecommunications, tourism, transportation, transit and travel. (That's a LOT of stuff, but it's been 35 years of steady activity, so...)

Personal Info


Please email us with general information about your PR/Social/Marketing needs
and we will contact you to understand more.


Of course, you want to know how much this will cost. (We think alike.) We've found it's best to always bid from a Scope of Work, so let's talk so we can tailor the price directly to your needs/wants/aspirations. (Isn't this fun?!)